I am a web developer based in Athens, Greece and founder at Sfalma.com. I love Ruby and Python and tries to be an expert in Ruby on Rails and Google AppEngine, if you are interested in training please connect with me. Over the years I have lost some hair, gained some pounds, did some research on text mining, founded 2 startups, joined 2 other startups, freelanced, blogged and made new partners. I am looking forward to launch a few descent products with my friends at Youthink, Niobium Labs and Emotionull. I organise the Athens Ruby Meetup and co-organise Greece GTUG. Sometimes I blog at Webz. Btw 6pna in greeklish sounds as ek-see-pna which means "smart" ;-)

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Some Projects

  • RealityAdv
  • Greencode
  • Sfalma
  • Argiro.gr
  • Vote for Music
  • StatusSexiest
  • VM Atlas
  • SocialCaddy
  • Upcoming talks

    Global StackOverflow meetup